Prospective Players

Experienced Players

Beginning of the Season
At the beginning of Michaelmas term trials will be held to make an initial selection for the Men’s and Women's Blues (1st teams) and 2nd teams. As of now, sign-ups are now open for all prospective players!

Because of COVID-19, this year we will not be able to host trials as we normally would. Instead, we will be inviting prospective players to training sessions in small groups based on the information we get from this sign up sheet.

If you're interested in joining CUVC, please fill in this form, and you will hear more from us soon!

If you have further questions, you can contact us via Facebook or the appropriate captains directly.

During the Season
If you missed trials, it is not too late to join the team. The best way to get in touch is to email the captain of the team which best matches your skill level, who may arrange a training session for you to attend.

Casual Players

Beginner Sessions
For less committed or experienced players CUVC offers Beginners Sessions in Michaelmas Term, occurring on Friday evenings. Contact us via Facebook or the “HEVO-Representative” via email who organizes the sessions.

Players who progress quickly may be allowed to also train with the 2nd teams to get more practice or progress to competitive play.

In Lent Term CUVC organizes a tournament between the Cambridge Colleges. More information will be sent out before the tournament, but if you have any questions now get in touch with us via Facebook.